When I first read the article Deadspin posted that exposed former ESPN columnist and con-artist Sarah Phillips, I was not surprised ONE BIT.

When Sarah Phillips got hired by ESPN to be a writer, I was totally clueless – and I still am as to why they hired her. If you want to get caught up in the controversy regarding Sarah Phillips, click XXX, this will get you caught up to speed.

Here’s my story.

Last August, the infamous Sarah Phillips tweeted that she was looking for a way to gain followers and to reply if they could help. At the time I had around 2000 followers so I replied back saying that I could do my best to promote her.

I had seen Sarah’s articles on and was impressed, and at the time I was thinking of the idea of creating my own website. I thought that this could be away to build a future business relationship.

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As seen above, she emailed me our agreement and I was all for helping her out so that I could potentially make some quick cash.

Time went by and I was short a few hundred followers from my goal of getting her 2000 followers. I thought of a solution, why not just sell her my account that had 2000 followers and just pocket a quick $500?

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Long story short, I never got paid and lost my Twitter account to this scumbag. As seen above Sarah kept making up excuses as to why I wasn’t being paid yet continually. Months went on and I lost interest in retrieving my Twitter account until I realized something crucial. (Here is where the story gets interesting)

When I gave Sarah the Twitter account it had 2000 followers – after she got hired by ESPN it was now at about 50,000 followers. I emailed her and pretty much said – if you don’t pay me the $500 that you owe me, I will take back MY Twitter account that has accumulated over 50,000 followers. Pretty good investment for me considering 50, 000 Twitter followers is worth A LOT more than $500.

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Pictured above is her reaction to me saying I would take back MY own Twitter account. She lost her mind to say the least.

Now this is where it even gets MORE bizarre. Moments after she sent her last message to me via email, she starts messaging me on Google chat.

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I am just going to let the picture above speak for itself.

So there you have it folks, further proof that former ESPN columnist is a con-artist and apparently has multi personality disorder? As of today her Twitter account now has 60, 000 Twitter followers and now that she has been fired from ESPN, might as well get back what’s mine right?