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Posted On December 28, 2011By Aaron NilsenIn Basketball, Sports

Boys are Back in Town

Finally! With the NBA season finally underway, I’ve decided to post my rankings of the top 5 players currently in the league. #5 Dwight Howard Originally I had him at the four spot but after his recent trade dramatics and his body language on the court, I had to push him to five. He almost didn’t even make my list.  However, it’s hard to ignore how much of a presence Dwight Howard has on the court. At 6’11, he’s a dominant force at the defensive end. He’s one the best shot blockersRead More

Posted On December 10, 2011By Aaron NilsenIn Basketball, Sports

Stern: Not so fast

What happened in the NBA world on Thursday night was by far one of the craziest things to ever happen in the league’s history. It was almost guaranteed that Chris Paul would be in a LA Lakers uniform this upcoming season. It was all over Twitter, ESPN, NBA forums, radio shows … everywhere. This trade was nearly finalized when the unexpected happened. One of the strangest things about loving sports: Those random moments when you’re sitting in your house, your office, your classroom, wherever … and suddenly you get blown away byRead More

Posted On November 29, 2011By Aaron NilsenIn Basketball, Sports

NBA Lockout Finally Over

Waking up on Saturday morning this past week was the usual, woke up, looked at the clock which said 8:00 am and fell back asleep for another few hours. When I finally got up, I looked at my phone and noticed I had dozen of messages from my friends. I was confused at first and then I looked at the messages. “Yo dude the lockout is over!!!!” “LOCKOUT OVER, this is the best thing since the NFL LOCKOUT being over! ” “Christmas has come early!” “Hi Aaron, be sure toRead More
Ron Artest Gets Sweet At Sugar Factory In Las Vegas

Posted On November 23, 2011By Aaron NilsenIn Basketball, Sports

Lockout Days Part Two

As players continue to lose pay cheques, they look for ways to make a quick buck to pay off their bills. Pictured above is Ron Artest doing Ron Artest things at a candy shop. With things looking even worse for the NBA since my last article, I’ve decided to write another edition of lockout days. As a huge fan of the basketball myself, I’ve found myself resorting to all sorts of different ways to cope with the absence of the NBA. Option A: Watching NBA Hardwood Classics on NBATV Whether it’s watching Michael JordanRead More

Posted On October 10, 2011By Aaron NilsenIn Basketball, Sports

Locked Out

“What do you mean there won’t be a NBA Season next year David Stern?”                                         “Don’t worry about it Lebron! We just want to pay you even less money than you are already getting!” It had every story line in the book. The underdog beating the team built to win dozens of championships (or so Lebron, Bosh and Wade claimed). “The Decision” crashing down on Lebron—an especially harsh reality for himRead More