Aaron Nilsen


Founder of the Nilsen Report. Created a website so people could spell my last name correctly.

Braden Young

Features Editor

University of Ottawa Marketing alumni. Sports, sneakers, and hip-hop.

Eiman Jawed

“You don’t look like you watch sports” is a line that I get a lot; still don’t know if it’s a compliment or insult.

Jordan Sosnoski

Music Photographer (USA)


Juliet DeGain

Music Reporter (USA)

No, I don't know where Romeo is. MSU '18

Lindsay Boyd

Entertainment Reporter

All I want in life is an unlimited supply of Smartfood. Follow me on Twitter @tweetlindsay

Matthew McKenna

Sports Reporter

A twenty-two year old who watches hockey, instead of sleeping. Seriously - work, eat, hockey. That’s the life. Follow me on twitter @MattMcK2419

Habeel J. frank ocean blog:

Cassy Aite

Marketing Manager

Alicia Norng

Music Reporter

Anuj Arora

Pro-bono consultant and tech entrepreneur at Queen’s University. Avid fan of the Toronto Raptors, and passionate about all things basketball.

Brent Daviault

Sports Reporter

Hail from the Great White North. Seton Hill University Alum. Avid fan of all sports. Just trying to make a name for myself.

Jon Willemsen

Enjoys long walks on the beach, candelit bubble baths and giving it 110%. He once caught a wild flamingo with his own hands.

Sean McGoldrick

Sports Reporter

My name is Sean, I like Scarlett Johansson, Staals, Sabres, Saints, Spurs, Seattle and the Rays but they don't start with a S. I like Drew Brees too.