Research Credit: Betway Casino

Ever wondered how much Drake spends on ice, or Cardi B on designer wear? Or whether your favourite rapper would rather splash out on a luxury pad with a pool, pimped out car, or maybe just play a few hands of poker at an online casino?

A while back we introduced the Ben Baller Clout Scale. The BBCS.

Any person within hip-hop can be measured in clout by this scale. The scale utilizes Ben Baller’s level of clout in relation to automotive vehicles and trends in social media. This is the most accurate clout scale in existence.

Let B be equivalent to Ben Baller.
Let X be the person we are attempting to find the clout level of using the BBCS.
Let Y be their hip-hop rating
Let Z be their automotive plug rating
Let A be their actual level of clout, excluding Y and Z.

Clout in the influence or power one has within the hip-hop scene to change people’s opinions, create a following, or incite fellowship/kinship through their creative art form, without necessarily or explicitly trying.

The formula is as follows:

If the sum of (Y+Z) + (A) >= B, X has more clout.
If the sum of (Y+Z) + (A) < B, X has less clout.

We assume there is no human in existence with the exact same level of clout as Ben Baller; B is forever an arbitrary number that is not a constant; it is a fluctuating integer that changes based on Ben Baller’s clout in the scene at any given time. This does not mean he has high or low clout, this simply means that no one has the exact same clout level as him.

Rappers are all about the image – so take a look below to see which rapper takes the number one spot.