John Scott: The Fans Have Spoken, But Does It Really Matter?

Every year, unhealthy around the end of January, NHL fans from all over come together to celebrate the All-Stars in the National Hockey League during the NHL’s All Star Weekend. This year, the event will take place in at the Bridgestone Area in Nashville, Tennessee during the weekend of January 30th. Like previous years, it was up to the fans to vote and select the captains. Of course, unlike previous years, they had the choice to vote on captains for four of the different divisions.

They selected Jaromir Jagr for the Atlantic, Patrick Kane for the Central, Alex Ovechkin for the Metropolitan and…John Scott for the Pacific?

At first, everyone thought this was a mistake. This man spent more time in the penalty box, than actually playing on the ice. He had a total of about 5 goals, in the total 285 games that he had played versus the 542 penalty minutes.

Most, if not all, would agree that that he is not usually the type of player that is deemed an “all-star”.

At the point of the voting, Scott had played around 10 games and was known for his enforcer on the ice talent. He then was traded to the Montreal Canadiens by the Arizona Coyotes, then sent to the Canadiens AHL affiliate.

Many around the league were baffled and simply unimpressed that the fans of the NHL had selected the 33-year-old Alberta native. Don Cherry spoke on his segment Coaches Corner stating that the fans who had voted for him were “jerks” and sarcastically adding that “upsetting the NHL is funny”. Others, however, defended the voting. In the Toronto Star, Joffery Lupul, of the Toronto Maple Leafs, stated that, “To me, it’s not a huge deal . . . if fans voted him in and that’s what the people want to see, then it is what it is,”

After being sent to the minors, the major debate shifted to whether or not Scott should play at all. He was no longer in the division to which he was selected to captain, nor was he even taking part in the regular season games in the NHL.

The NHL finally confirmed that despite the unique situation, John Scott will in fact be taking part in the All Star game.

At the end of the day, it should be recognized that the NHL gave fans the power to vote on who they want to see as a captain. The fans have spoken and they have chosen John Scott.