Looks like this is truly a REBUILDING year for the NHL EA Sports franchise, pill with the list below full of everything that was in NHL 14, but not in NHL 15.

VIA: Edgrrr

-No NHL 94 Mode
-There are no offline seasons in HUT
-There are no tournaments in HUT
-You cannot play a friend in HUT
-No Winter Classic
-No GM Connected
-No Shootout
-No Live the Life
-No be a CHL Pro
-No be a NHL Pro
-Being drafted is now just a random assignment to a team, no way to influence when you are drafted
-You cannot draft players in Be A GM Mode
-No fantasy draft in Be A GM Mode
-No be a Legend Mode
-No Season Mode
-No Tournament Mode
-No Playoff Mode
-No Battle For The Cup
-No Creation Zone
-No Edit Team
-No Edit Player
-No Customize AI
-No Build Your AI
-No Create A Play
-No Custom Music

Edit 1: No simming between shifts in Be A Pro Mode
Edit 2: No Custom Cameras
Edit 3: No Mobile Companion App for HUT
Edit 4: No HUT Action Tracker