The second week of  Ottawa Bluesfest 2014 begins now! Check out our coverage from the first half of Bluesfest (July 3rd – 8th) HERE!

July 9th

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Tyler, The Creator

In a recent Larry King he stated, “words don’t mean anything to me, you could call me anything and I wouldn’t care.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Tyler, The Creator.

The crowd was very high energy for being the earliest show of the day and Tyler is an excellent performer who interacted with the audience more than any rap artist I’ve ever seen. Highlights of the show included the huge mosh pits formed for when Tamale dropped and a fan catching a pack of bacon and winning a bet $50 with Taco.

I think they only played a 45 minute set in an hour time slot which was disappointing, besides that it was a fantastic show to start a KILLER lineup for the rest of the day.

Cypress Hill


Those are the lines I keep thinking of when I hear Cypress Hill and they were one of my festival highlights by far. They laced the crowd with hit after hit from their various multi platinum selling albums and took the crowd on a smokey journey through their incredible catalogue of music. They also showcased their new hits to great response.

An unforgettable night for classic hip hop lovers!

The Killers

This was the first time I’ve seen Killers live and they did not disappoint! Great sound live, wonderful stage presence (from what I could see at the back), and superb light show. They are extremely professional and sounded impeccable! Brandon Flowers is the ultimate front man and his voice was spot on! They love their fans and it shows!

They played all their hits and ones loved by their fans! If you get a chance to see The Killers, take it!

July 10th


The Band Perry

They were so full of energy, really engaged with the audience. Took the time to talk to the audience and take pride in Canada by singing the national anthem. I loved how they did some different songs too, like covers, not just their own.

Their personal stories they told before singing “I am a Keeper” made the overall show that much more memorable.

Vocally, they are as good in concert as on CD – which is always a HUGE plus.

July 11th

The Barenaked Ladies at the RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest 2014

~ RBC Bluesfest Press Images PHOTO/Mark Horton

Barenaked Ladies

The energy and the chemistry that made this band a must see in the past still remains today. Although it did seem a bit strange without former bandmate Steven Page flanking long time friend Ed Robertson at the front of the stage, the band still plays on. And play on do they ever.

The “Ladies” belted out tune after tune, while in between songs maintained their ever popular connection with the crowd. Finishing off the set with the classic hits of “If I had $1,000,000”, and their Big Bang TV show theme song, the Ladies then returned for a three song encore which concluded with the surprising Blame it On Me from their debut album Gordon.

The band may never rise to the same popularity as it had with Page, but nonetheless their live show still remains a crowd pleaser.

July 12th

Snoop Dogg at the RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest 2014

~ RBC Bluesfest Press Images PHOTO/Mark Horton

Action Bronson

Fully entertaining show that got the whole crowd involved. Bronson came and met people after the show and even jumped into the crowd at one point, proceeding to do a lap of the whole venue on a golf cart! Very good warm up show before Gambino, would definitely recommend to anyone. If Action was out in the 90s he would be an undisputed legend.

Childish Gambino

Our Gambino Bluesfest coverage has it’s own article posted over here!

Snoop Dogg

This show started off with a bangs: Snoop Dogg walks on stage rocking a Ottawa Senators #65 Erik Karlsson Jersey.

Having seen Snoop Dogg before, I knew he lacked energy in his performances which doesn’t surprise me as he’s always smoking – which can’t help the endurance, right. By the 3rd song you realize: a) Snoop is so high he will not be moving much b) You came to cheer for being in the presence of an icon not to see an amazing show.

Hit after hit (literally), Snoop sang many recognizable songs to please the crowd and the fans at the end of the day seemed to go home pleased. That’s what matters!

July 13th


Sam Roberts Band

In the shadow of the World Cup finals, the Sam Roberts Band did a great job entertaining a mixed ages crowd with hit after hit songs. His playing of several of his guitars on stage was exceptional.The bands energy filled the arena and the crowd was enjoying the music clapping along and many dancing (while checking their phones for the World Cup score).

His passion, energy, and feeling shines through in his performance – a Canadian class act.