1. Ohio is LeBron’s home state


2. Kyrie Irving x Andrew Wiggins x LeBron James… Or Possibly Kevin Love.


• That’s what you call a recipe for success, shop LeBron wants another ring. He wants to play with the best. I’m sure he has a whiteboard set up in his agents office where they have laid out the starting 5 for every team

3. A Web Developer’s Investigations


4. The Cavs Took Down Dan Glibert’s Open Letter


• Earlier this week the Cavs removed the infamous comic sans letter by Dan Gilbert bashing LeBron James. The Cavs Director of Communications told ESPN this was just because they changed the content management system… but, salve it’s not hard to believe this was an order made by Gilbert to decrease the risk of fans brining this letter back up if LeBron were to select Cleveland.

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5. LeBron Regrets Leaving Cleveland

• LeBron wants to amend his first Decision by bringing a Championship to Cleveland

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6. Sheridan Hoops Rumours

• “A plugged-in source tells me there is a 90 percent chance that LeBron James will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it will be announced on www.lebronjames.com if it happens,” Sheridan wrote on Tuesday –

With all the hype building up it almost feels like 2010 again. Some of the rumours are crazy; 1 commenter on an online thread posted, “Word from Vietnamese guy at local cleaner in Akron is that LeBron had the checkered shirt he wore in the 2010 decision cleaned. Requested same day service with pickup 5pm”. Regardless of the decision LeBron will have a very good chance at winning several Championships, but for now, only time will tell where LeBron plays.