Jimmy and Ricky get cards with random words, such as gerbil and Spanx, and must work them into a casual conversation.

Recently Ricky Gervais announced he would host the Golden Globes Again! VIA: Today

Gervais made the announcement during a Monday morning visit to TODAY.


After answering a fan question about the toughest crowd he’d ever played to during his comedy career — which just so happened to be the Golden Globes — TODAY’s Carson Daly asked the funnyman if he would ever play to that crowd again.


“Yeah,” Gervais said. “I’ll do it in a while.”


Dynamic duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who’ve handled hosting duties since Gervais’ last effort in 2012, have the gig locked up through 2015. But after that, anything’s possible.


When Gervais later sat down with TODAY anchor Matt Lauer, he explained he just wants to “let the dust settle” before making his Globes comeback.
“The Golden Globes, I think people thought that (my humor) was mean, but it was very considered — and they weren’t a room full of wounded soldiers,” he said. “They were privileged people who were getting honored. We’re all in the same game.”


Gervais believes his repeat performances eventually taught the crowd that “all you have to do is laugh.”


“I liked doing it three times, because by the third time, they sort of got it,” he said. “They sort of went, ‘Oh, I get it! He’s just making jokes.”


But it’s a different side of the actor-comedian that people get to see on his Netflix dramedy “Derek,” wherein he swaps the no-hold-barred jokes for a more sympathetic look at life.


“I like being (Derek),” he told Lauer. “It’s nice being a nice person for a while, ’cause he’s the first real hero I’ve created.”


See more of the star’s nice-guy side on season two of “Derek,” now available on Netflix.