With Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco next week and the annual E3 convention the following week (June 10-12th) in Los Angeles, the Nilsen Report is PUMPED to deliver all you techies out there the news you’re looking for.

The main question is, what can we expect from Apple? Down below are some of the rumours floating around the internet suggesting what most likely will be announced.

Mac OS X 10.10


Apple’s mobile software got its first top-to-bottom overhaul last year. Out went the design by former software chief Scott Forstall, in came the sleeker, flat designs of Jonathan Ive.

Is it Mac’s turn to get the same thing? I think so.

iOS 8


Look for Apple to iterate on its major changes last year to the software that powers the iPhone and iPad like they ALWAYS do. After a major overhaul, the company typically focuses on adding functionality and tweaks. Almost certainly up this time: changes to Apple Maps.

iPhone 6?

Although very unlikely, Apple could drop a bomb and unveil the new iPhone. The video above supposedly  shows  leaked slides from the upcoming WWDC this Monday, which clearly is of the new iPhone.

Very doubtful, but this would be AWESOME.



Illustration by Justin Wood

This will be the first time CEO Tim Cook will address the media since buying Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion. Cook will likely address the purchase and may bring his two newest recruit Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovin on stage.

Dr. Dre is the name, I’m ahead of my game
Still, puffing my leafs, still with the beats

You said it, Dre.