While I was browsing the convention floor at Ottawa Comiccon 2014, help a booth that caught my eye was promoting a new restaurant called The Blurry Pixel. They are looking to fill a particular niche market by creating a bar that allows you to hangout and play video games while enjoying a dining experience at the same time.

Down below is a FAQ they recently posted on their website discussing this new e-sports bar and gaming lounge in greater detail.

Q: What is The Blurry Pixel?

A: It’s a new bar coming to Ottawa, buy Canada dedicated to gaming and nerd culture.

Q: Where is it?/When will you open?

A: Currently, we have a great location lined up in downtown Ottawa, but we’re still crossing the t’s and doting the i’s so we aren’t ready to go public with it yet. As soon as we do, we’ll also have a timeline for our expected opening date!

Q: How does it work?

A: We want to have two sections in our bar; the lounge and the restaurant.

The lounge will be set up with couches, coffee tables, TVs and consoles from various generations with a focus on multiplayer games (fighting games, racing games, party games etc.)

For the restaurant area, picture a sports bar, only take out the sports and add video games. We want to have several TVs and a projector playing your favorite Twitch.tv streams or YouTube channels of anything from WCS and LCS to Blizzcon coverage, Magic Pro Tours and even TwitchPlaysPokemon, if you really want it. We will also still be playing only the most major sporting events.

Q: Is X, Y or Z game going to be featured?

A: If it’s a game, if it draws a crowd and if that crowd likes to eat and drink, it’s more then welcome! We’ve had interest from the local League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and DOTA 2 fans of course, but also groups from the fighting game community, card and tabletop gamers and even fans of individual Twitch streamers.

Q: Will there be PC’s for us to play?

A: We may set up PC’s for exclusive titles for low requirement party games, but PC’s take up a lot of space, have high maintenance costs and are very easy to screw up. We’d love to host and help organize LAN parties, but at this time, we aren’t going to have regular gaming PC’s available to play.

Q: How much does it cost to play?

A: We don’t like the idea of charging a cover for playing with our systems. As long as you’re drinking and eating with us, it’s free!

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Currently, since we haven’t started moving into our location yet, we don’t have anywhere near a firm opening date. Because of this, we’re holding off on interviews and hiring until that point. We’d hate to say, “You’re awesome! You’re hired!,” followed by making you wait 6+ months for a job.

With that being said, we wouldn’t mind glancing over your resume in the mean time. Keep in mind that we’re a bar, so we’d be looking for experienced cooks, servers, bartenders and hostesses. Email your resume to theblurrypixel@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch when we do go into hiring!

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