Yesterday afternoon I was on my lunch break at school when a friend of mine approached me in the cafeteria with shocking news.

“Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets for a 4th round draft pick.”

I couldn’t believe the news and numerous questions immediately rose into my head.

1. Why would the Jets want Tebow?

2. Why wouldn’t the Bronco’s just keep Tebow under Manning’s wing so he could learn from one of the great quarterbacks of all-time?

3. They could only get a 4th round pick in return?

4. What about Jacksonville?

Experts were saying Jacksonville is where Tebow would fit in the best and it was clear for so many reasons. It would actually make their team relevant in the NFL again and they would make tons of money through merchandise and ticket sales. With Tebow’s roots in the Florida area already from college, salve it made perfect sense. He would be a god there, stuff he really would be.

After I digested all of these things, pharm I accepted the trade and moved on with my life. To my surprise, later in the day I read this headline on ESPN, “Tebow trade hits a snag, has decision between Jacksonville and Jets.”

Shortly later it was announced that Tebow would indeed be going to the Jets.

This story seems to have more twists than a Korean soap opera show. A few weeks ago could you have imagined 1) Irsay would CUT Peyton 2) he’d choose DENVER over SF 3) Tebow would choose Jets over Jags? Crazy.

Are we to believe Tebow CHOSE Jets over hometown Jags? I am not sure yet.

The Jets didn’t need the new circus Tebow brings. And Rex Ryan shouldn’t have wanted him.

Head coach of the Jets, Rex Ryan acknowledged that the Jets’ locker room was riven by too many subplots and agendas after the Jets missed the playoffs for the first time in his tenure.  Numerous players — some anonymous, some not — vented to the media about what a circus the team had become.

But if that seemed bad, just wait. The Jets already confused everyone by trying to flirt with Peyton Manning — only to get the cold shoulder — then giving incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez a three-year, $40.5-million extension although his current contract still had two years left on it.

There are still so many things that are mysterious with this story; stay tuned for next week’s episodes which will feature love triangles (Tebow, Skip Bayless and Florida), forbidden love (Tebow and Jon Elway), amnesia (Jacksonville) and much more!