Sent packing by his only NFL team, check one he transformed from afterthought to Super Bowl champion, troche  Peyton Manning said goodbye to the Indianapolis Colts earlier this week with  tear-filled eyes, and is now getting ready to find a new place to play quarterback.

Now the first thing that is up for debate is whether or not this is a good move or not by the Colts franchise. l personally think the Colts made the right decision in releasing Manning, for three reasons.

The Injury: Peyton Manning has gone through multiple surgeries on his neck to this point, which begs the question: why risk permanent injury to it by continuing to play football? It’s pretty simple – he loves the game of football and is one of the most competitive athletes out there. However the NFL has a business side to it, which leads me into the second reason. 

The Money: $28 million is a lot of money, and it is the bonus that Peyton Manning would have received if he was on the Colts roster by the end of the week. The Colts have a lot of needs that need to be addressed this offseason, including wide receiver, cornerback, and interior linemen to name a few. The $28 million could be put to better use, plain and simple. 

The Draft: What is great for the Indianapolis Colts this year is that they have the number one pick in the NFL Draft, with a potential star quarterback in Andrew Luck sitting right where they want him. Now will Andrew Luck be as a good as Peyton Manning – who knows. That is the beauty of sports, the gamble. If Peyton Manning wins the Superbowl next year with whatever team he joins, the Colts will look like fools. In 10 years if Andrew Luck is a superstar quarterback and has won a Superbowl or two – they look like geniuses. 

It’s a gamble and really, things could work out either way.

Now the other thing that is up for debate is where will Peyton Manning land as a free agent?

I believe that Peyton Manning will end up in Miami and will be taking his talents to South Beach. From all of the media I’ve seen and read, it appears that Miami and the Texans are the front runners.

Tony Dungy has said that he doesn’t believe that winning a Super Bowl will be the biggest factor regarding Manning’s future. Which is obviously not something that you want to hear from your soon to be star quarterback but means that just because the 49ers and Texans could be instant contenders that it doesn’t mean Manning will go there.

Being comfortable is an important factor for Manning and Miami fits that description. Manning owns a condo in Miami and moved there this off-season.  Weeks ago Reggie Wayne was doing his rounds, talking about what teams he could play for, now it seems like there is a chance of the two staying together. Wayne also lives in Florida.

Miami would be a good team with Manning. I don’t expect him to be the old Manning, going to an offense that so far hasn’t been tailored around his talents but he’s still going to be one of the top qbs.

It would be fun to also see Brady and Manning face off twice a year for the rest of Manning’s career.

Don’t look for a decision to be made that soon, I think Manning will ponder on this one for a while and make sure he is making the right move.