Last night I went to see the movie I’ve been hyping up for the last several months on the Nilsen Report, try Project X. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie for quite sometime, sovaldi sale and by now it must appear that I’m being paid by the marketing team of Project X for all this promotion (I wish).

After reading reviews about this flick on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, cure I was very hesitant in to whether or not I would enjoy this film. As I further investigated into who actually was doing these reviews, I made a shocking discovery.


James Berardinelli (Reel Views)           Gary Wolcott (Tri-City Herald)

Now usually I don’t want to jump the gun on things BUT, when a movie aimed towards teenagers is reviewed by the Super Mario Bros –  Mario and Luigi pictured above, it’s hard to take the review seriously.

First things first, this movie had pretty much no plot. Thinking about it afterwords, I almost want to think of it as a documentary. It was surprisingly filmed the same way Chronicle was, using a video camera to follow the adventures of the main characters. The character who actually films the majority of the movie is Youtube sensation Dax Flame. This first person narrative experience made it seem like you were actually at this party and made it more of a relatable experience.

In the movie industry, it’s almost seen as the job of each new generation to shock the previous one.

Project X, a house party turned riotactuallyisn’t much of a movie. It uses different things from similar films, roughly spanning from American Pie in 1999 to Superbad in 2007, with many explosive stops along the way. What may make this guilty pleasure mark the passing of the years, is the way Project X so aggressively ups the ante for outrageous sex, drugs and property damage.

Shy Thomas is turning 17, and his best buds — gangster wannabe Costa and weird clown J.B. — want to throw the mother of all parties at Thomas’s house while his parents are away. They want the party to be “big enough to be cool” but then Costa invites all of Pasadena.

Overall, I liked this movie for what it was – a look into the most extreme house party ever. No it will obviously never win any awards, but it’s actually worth watching more than once. After you see this flick you will have wished you were actually at this party instead of just watching it take place.

I’m giving this movie a solid 3/5 stars (for lack of plot) and definitely recommend you see it.