With All-Star Weekend just under wraps, drugs lets reflect on everything that happened.

The NHL Fan Fair was the event I enjoyed the most. Walking around the halls of the Ottawa convention centre and randomly seeing a superstar NHL’er is pretty surreal. I got to see tons of players I wouldn’t normally have the chance to be in the same room with. Also meeting the hockey analysts from TSN and various other TV stations was unreal as well. You almost watch them as much as you watch your favourite team. It was definitely an event I will remember the rest of my life and waiting in those long lines for autographs was worth it. I got my Ottawa Senators jersey filled with all the senators that made the all-star team, goal accomplished!

Some of the other events included the use of the canal. Besides the first day however, the canal was in unusable condition. Can’t blame anyone on that one, just the weather gods.

Now a lot of people bashed the actual skills competition and all-star game because it was too kiddish. The players weren’t being serious enough and it wasn’t entertaining to watch. If your expecting to watch a intense hockey game that has no hits and poor goal tending, then you need to change your expectations.

The All-Star weekend is two things:

1. A celebration of hockey, the NHL and further more of the host city.

2. A money grab – obviously.

There is one difference between watching these events on your TV and actually being there. You don’t pay over $300 to watch a poorly played game. You pay it for the once in a lifetime atmosphere. An event you will remember for the rest of your life. I think that’s lost somewhere with how analytical people are of the actual game.

The title of the Montreal Gazette today read, “Alfredsson’s weekend spoiled by loss.”

Are you serious?

It doesn’t matter who wins the all-star game. Looking back people won’t even remember who won the game. They will remember the great time they had in Ottawa and how well the city delivered such great events. They really did a great job and I can’t complain. All and all, I am proud to say I’m from Ottawa and hopefully one day down the road they can host an event like this again.