With the NBA season finally underway, help I’ve decided to post my rankings of the top 5 players currently in the league.

#5 Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

Originally I had him at the four spot but after his recent trade dramatics and his body language on the court, health I had to push him to five. He almost didn’t even make my list.  However, it’s hard to ignore how much of a presence Dwight Howard has on the court. At 6’11, he’s a dominant force at the defensive end. He’s one the best shot blockers the league has ever seen. As he continues to work on his offensive game, he will only continue to get better.

#4 Kobe Bryant


At the tender age of 33, Kobe is still one of best players in the NBA. He continues to dominant the league and remains the best player at the shooting guard position. What I love about Kobe Bryant is his high basketball IQ. He knows exactly what way to position his body to get the shot off, draw the foul … everything you can think of. He is definitively the most technically sound players in today’s game.  The only reason why I didn’t rank Kobe higher was because his injuries as of late have hindered his game. With his iconic Jordanesque fade away, it’s hard to not compare Kobe to MJ.

To bad there is only one Michael Jordan.

#3 Derrick Rose


Many people thought other players should have won MVP last season, but I’ll explain why he without a doubt won the award. MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, which means the value to your team. If the Chicago Bulls didn’t have Derrick Rose on their team, they would be easily a below average team. Despite having a brilliant coach in Tom Thibodeau, you also need talent to win games. Derrick Rose could have also won “MIP” which stands for most improved player in the league. He improved his jump shot, seemingly got even quicker, became a better passer. He became an ELITE player in the NBA. He is the best player since Michael Jordan to suit up in a Bulls jersey and he will only continue to get better. The only reason I didn’t put him any higher was because he is not at his full potential quite yet.

#2 Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant is a freakishly gifted athlete. At 6’9, he can dribble the ball like a point guard, shoot the ball like a shooting guard, and block shots like a center. He is the leagues best PURE scorer. Winning the scoring title the past two years, Kevin has been continuing to get better. Dominating summer league games during the lockout, it’s clear he won’t stop until he gets #1 on the Nilsen Report. It’s too bad that the player at #1 will be extremely hard to surpass.

#1 Lebron James


Lebron James is the most dominant force the NBA has possibly ever seen. In grade eleven, I wrote a debate paper explaining just exactly why this is the case. The difference between Lebron and other players is that he can do it all … besides win a NBA championship. That won’t last long though. Last season he averaged 26.7 points a game, 7.5 rebounds a game and 7 assists a game. These numbers are so staggering they’re hard to ignore. Sports analysts have criticized Lebron for not using his physically superior body to post up against weaker players. This season Lebron is answering his critics. Working this past summer with NBA great Hakeem Olajuwon, he has significantly improved that part of his game. In a recent interview Lebron stated last season he was playing “angry”, and that’s not who he is as a person. He’s going back to the basics and is going to have more “fun” with the game.

Lebron is still all business though, and his number one goal is to finally win an NBA championship. If the Miami Heat don’t get the title this year, it will be tragic.