Jersey Shore needs to change or it won’t survive in TV land for much longer. Ratings are the highest they’ve ever been, order and MTV and the cast are rolling in the cash, but significant adjustments must be made. Just talk to Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, when the praise is the loudest, and the money is coming in, you’re in the most danger. You get wrapped up in your ego; you don’t anticipate the awaiting fate that will end up in your irrelevancy, bankruptcy, or worse, ending up on Dancing with the Stars.  

After last night’s season four finale, it was apparent to me that something needs to change. The cast is getting dull, and the format of each show is very repetitive.

This is the routine:

1. Drama with one of the housemates that for the most part always has a cheesy resolution.

2.  They go to a club where there is security all around the cast and they just end up dancing with themselves. Has the fist pumping gone extinct?

3.  MVP (Mike, Vinny, Pauly) all try to bring home the ugliest girl they can possibly get. I know they are drunk but come on, you would think they could get find some better talent.

Honestly, they should bring in a new cast to keep the show interesting. For the most part MTV did a good job of casting, with the exception of Angelina aka the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.”

The concept is simple: have a brand-new crazier, drunker, and younger cast live in a separate house on the Jersey Shore and film their show at the same time with the next season of the current show. Therefore MTV gets to maintain their current show (and ratings) on Thursday nights and keep the brand fresh without taking on the risk of the having a new current cast.  Imagine how Snooki would react if she found out that a younger, hotter, and guido-ier group of girls were filming an alternate Jersey Shore right on the same block? She would absolutely lose her mind, for more reasons that one.

Season five will be the ultimate test of survival for the show. They are going back to the shore and the MTV producers will have their hands full. How many clubs by the shore can they go to that they haven’t visited already? How many times can Ronnie and Sam break up? How many times can Mike get rejected by grenades?

I predict the show will be successful for a while, the people down at MTV are brilliant at conning an audience into reality shows. The question is how long it can last?