When the Toronto Blue Jays won the world series in 1993, purchase I was only two months old. I didn’t even know what baseball was, diagnosis I wasn’t even a fan of sports. In the year 1993 the number one song was ”I Will Always Love You” by the critically aclaimed Whitney Houston. Will Smith was the Fresh Prince of Bell Air and was yelling to the cabby, generic “Yo homes smell ya later”. A lot has changed since then, and the drought of Blue Jays making the playoffs keeps growing longer each year. Seventeen years later since they’ve won the world series, they haven’t made the playoffs.

This past season the Toronto Blue Jays finished with a 81-81 record and placed 4th in the AL East. The Jays have one of the best players in the MLB with Jose Bautista. Having 43 home runs last year, he gives the city much hope for the future. In the AL East the Blue Jays are matched up against powerhouses like the Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox and the prolific New York Yankees. In the MLB there are 30 teams and only eight make the playoffs. There are two MAIN reasons why the Blue Jays won’t make the playoffs until the system in the MLB is fixed.

1. Long Seasons and hardly any teams make the playoffs.

In the MLB, each team plays 162 games over the course of a season. These are too many games and in many cities the attendance is very low. Baseball isn’t a very exciting sport for most people in the first place, why bore people to death with long seasons? In the playoff’s the atmosphere is different, as it is any every other professional sport. With more teams making the playoffs, there would be more excitement and a higher chance your team will participate in the fall classic.

2. No Salary Cap

There is no limit in how much money a team can spend on accumulated player salaries. This is a problem. Although I’m a die-hard Yankees fan, I do think that system is corrupt. An owner could potentially buy championships just depending on how deep his pocket is.

MLB 2011 Team Salaries

New York Yankees: $207,047,964

Toronto Blue Jays: $70,567,800

If you were to compare post-season appearances against average team revenue, you would find that a little more than half of getting to the post-season is determined by team revenue.

The system needs to be fixed, but don’t expect any changes soon. Commissioner Bud Selig is a stickler to keep the traditional MLB format. Despite this, there is still hope. It’s not all about the money, team chemistry is a huge key to a winning franchise. There is still hope for Toronto Blue Jays, we just need to be patient.